What is Human Design?

Human Design is a tool for self-reflection and understanding that incorporates 5 studies and sciences:  The Chinese I’Ching, Astrology, the Hindu Chakra System, the Kabbalist Tree of Life and quantum physics.  

Broken down as simply as possible:  the Human Design body graph catalogues all possible archetypes (from the I’Ching) onto a map of the energetic human body (Chakra System).  These archetypes account for the entire human experience in all it’s potential.  Each archetype connects throughout the body via channels of energy that pass through our chakras (Tree of Life).  Using Astrology we can pinpoint which energies you can rely on experiencing consistently vs. which energies you pull in and receive from others inconsistently and in many different ways.

Human Design incorporates 9 energy Centers that span throughout our physical body.  You can have any number of them defined or undefined based on the channels connecting them.  When 2 gates complete a channel, energy moves freely between the chakras making them both “defined” and is seen as a colored in shape on your body graph.  

Gates, Channels and Centers that are “defined” in your body graph chart will always be felt, though black gates are conscious and red gates are unconscious.  The black lines especially will be felt as consistent influences, repeating themes, innate skills or lessons to learn in your life, wheras the red lines will become more clear over time and to other people.  

Gates, Channels and Centers that are “undefined” are shown white in the body graph.  These energies will fluctuate between on and off depending on who is in our aura bridging our channels.  We feel them differently every time and cannot trust them to stay consistent.  They are experienced as either fluid parts of our personality or characteristics we do not resonate with at all, and are where we experience energies from other people.

Defined centers are what we transmit and contribute to others, undefined centers are where we receive and experience what others are transmitting and contributing.  Your Human Design chart explains the specific ways you are built to operate and find your way with ease and flow.  

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