Incarnation Gates // Gene Key Reading


20-30 min, in depth exploration of your top 4 Sun & Earth activations that make up your incarnation cross.   Exploring the incredibly transformational Gene Key shadow and gift expressions of each gate.  These 4 activations make up 70% of your chart! – My favorite aspect of Human Design.


In this 20-30 min audio recording we dive deep into the Gene Key frequencies of your top 4 gates (Those of your incarnation cross) The Gene Keys explore the archetypes of each gate. Studying the shadow and gift frequencies provide invaluable understanding of your top 4 energies and how to gauge whether you’re living out the shadow expression or moving into the gift.  Delivered as an audio recording and PDF cheat sheet.

I am a one-woman show and aim to provide the most accurate, in depth information possible.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.


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