The celestial bodies impact us subtly and also in major ways that literally decide whether life on our planet is possible.  The easiest way to understand this very real and scientific truth is to observe the influence of the Sun and moon on our fluctuating tides, seasons & equinoxes, and also on our physiological cycles in relation to the 28-day lunar cycle.    The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu claimed that we are connected to planets via a consistent sea of passing neutrinos that previously made contact with outer planets, picking up information and then imprinting that information onto us as they make their way through our planet.  Neutrinos are nanoparticles that are so infintesimally small they were previously considered to have no mass at all.  According to Wikipedia, Neutrinos come into contact with Earth at the rate of 65 billion per second per centimeter measured at the Earth’s surface.   I personally believe that though there is likely truth to the Neutrino theory, I believe the saying, “So within, so without” equally appropriate in describing our connection to the stars.  Much like the way we can be thinking about someone when they call us… There are connections between us all that span across space time traveling faster than the speed of light.  More akin to the time it takes for a sensation from your fingertips to reach your brain.  Whether it be because of the neutrino steam passing through us at every moment or because we are all connected through the fabric of space-time, Human Design would not work at all without incorporating the planetary activations.  The planets imprint us based on a certain celestial season (which gate they are in) and a certain flavor based on the information specific to each planet.  When considering your active gates, it’s also helpful to learn about which planet activated them.  Outer planets will remain in one gate for many years and can come to be known as generational influences not just specifically to you whereas the moon changes placement 2-3 times every day.


Your life theme and most expressive energy. 


How we ground, heal and find balance.  The second most expressive energy in your chart. 


Your drive.  An underling motivation that is expressed in everything you seek and do. 

North Node

Your Direction towards growth

South Node

Where you’ve already been, what comes naturally, and what you’re moving away from. 


What you are here to communicate and express, how you talk. 


Morals, values, and what you love.


youthful, masculine explosive, creative energy that can be used as powerful fuel. 


Your Jupiter activations point out your own personal rules to fulfill your purpose.  This is the only Planet that caries a law with it, if you do not fullfil these activations you cannot receive the gifts.  Jupiter is generous if you are obedient to your own personal jupiter activations. 


Saturn shows you what’s not aligned that you’ve been avoiding facing.   There are big life lessons in our Saturn activations.


Your uniqueness, how do you stand out.  Uranus is generational (It stays in one gate for many years) and creates an generational attitude that can evolve society. 


Your spiritual work to surrender to in this life.  (Another Generational placement)


Transformation, bringing unconscious patterns to the surface. 

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