Profile is derived from the top red and black boxes on either side of the body graph that hold your two Sun activations.  Just after the gate number is a period “.” and another number ranging from 1-6 called the LINE.  The Lines represent the 6 variations of the gate and have their own distinct characteristics regardless of which gate they are qualifying.  Familiarizing yourself with the overarching themes of each line will make it easier to understand what they add to each of your gates.  Your Sun activations are a huge part of your design.  The lines in that placement that make up your Profile are especially noteworthy and create an entirely new element in your chart.  Profile looks like a fraction with one number first and another second: 1/3, 5/2, 3/5 etc.  The first number represents the line from your black sun activation on the right, called your Mind, Conscious or Personality side. while the second line is from the red sun activation on the left called your Body, Unconscious or Design side.  In the example below, this person’s Profile is a 4/6


Themes for each Line

Line 1 – Security, deep understanding, curiosity, voracious appetite for information and learning

Line 2 – Natural talents, alone time, struggles to see itself, clearly sees the other

Line 3 – Trial & Error, testing the waters, firsthand experience, vast experiences

Line 4 – Networking, social connections, community.

Line 5 – Leadership, outside expectations, all eyes on you, hero/heroine

Line 6 – Teacher, role model, wisdom based on life experience, first 30 years acts like Line 3 energy

Your Profile combines 2 of these energies to create a persona – it’s the way you present yourself to the outside world.  As with everything on the left (red) side of the body graph we’re less aware of what is happening there though others see it in you very clearly.  The right side (black) is part of your personality that you will likely identify with.  none-the-less, both are active parts of how you present yourself to the world.  There are 12 possible Profile combinations, each carries their own unique themes and ways of interacting with others.

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