A bit about me from the Human Design prospective: 

Pure Generator – I’m in the flow when trusting what excites me.  My Sacral energy is what fuels everything I do and it’s of utmost importance that I’m crystal clear about what my Sacral energy is saying, what it sounds like uniquely to me and to respect what it says, (even though it will often not make rational sense and doing so will require serious trust).   When MY Sacral says yes feels like anything ranging from a pulling or curiosity to an almost unbearable excitement and yearning.  My Sacral NO ranges from disinterest to disgust, frustration and when I’m ignoring it: anger.  I lean a little more every day into what my Sacral wants, letting go of the things my mind tells me I should be doing.  Living this way has allowed me a deep sense of peace, self-appreciation and self-responsibility.  It has changed my relationship with myself helped me establish life-affirming boundaries and changed the trajectory of my story.

Emotional Authority:  When it comes to big life choices I never make quick decisions and understand that my emotions will always alter my experiences for better or worse.  At no point am I seeing the outside world perfectly clearly and instead gather my experiences over time to establish a sense of certainty


Profile: 5/2 – I alternate between disappearing into my musings to charge and alchemize the resulting heroic moments of self-expression.  I allow myself plenty of alone time and don’t place expectations on myself about how much time I should be spending being with others or on social media.  I’m also in the projection field which means people have high expectations of me and it’s my job to be totally transparent with them about what I will and will not do, and who I truly am.  They simply won’t see my authenticity unless I clearly tell them. 

Definition: Quadruple split – 9 centers defined – my aura is full, loud and all-consuming when I feel safe to be myself.  I have 4 separate energetic voices within me all competing for airtime and it’s simply going to take me a lot longer than everybody else to make decisions. 

Inner Vision – My imagination is my deepest source of manifestation power and connection to the outside world.  Supposedly I can take one look at someone or a situation, close my eyes and know all I will need to know about the situation instinctively (though I’m still playing around with this one)

Innocence Motivation – I’m motivated by the journey not the outcome.  Leadership in my design is most impactful when unintentional and is expressed by being the change instead of being the boss.  

Sun in Gate 10: Self-Love – I am deeply aware of human behavior and easily fall in love with life.  I can also expect to experience a myriad of feelings ranging from deep self-love and acceptance to self obsession and controlling my own behavior. 

Incarnation Cross of Preservation – I cry equally about landfills, bunnies & hummingbirds, have an eye for making all things better and maintain high integrity to feel connected within myself. 

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My Human Design Chart:

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– Kimberly McConnell

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