3. Authority

Authority reveals which of your defined Centers has the final decision-making power.  Each defined center will have a voice, a feeling, or a knowing and it takes time to differentiate them within your own body.  Not all of the centers are authorities, and you may have more than one consistently defined in your body, but only one has the final say.  Authority brings us out of making decisions with our minds and into our bodies.  The body caries immense wisdom that is often times ignored because it can’t always be rationalized or understood.  Trusting your own Authority takes practice and surrender but can become a deeply fulfilling and consistent way to follow your unique path.  Authority is based on which centers are defined, and because a center can only be defined if there is a channel connecting it to another center, all Authorities (except Lunar) will have at combination of at least 2 specific centers defined in combination with other specific centers undefined.

Emotional Authority signifies a defined Emotional Solar Plexus.  Any other centers can be defined or undefined.  Having Emotional Authority means you have a constant emotional wave in the background of everyday events.  Sometimes you may feel low on your wave and other times high in the clouds for seemingly no reason.  It’s important with Emotional Authority to give yourself ample time to make big decisions, and avoid making lasting commitments when you’re feeling low or high.  With this authority, neutrality will show us which decisions are truly best for us.  Decisions made from any other prospective often lead to regret and burnout.  

Sacral Authority combines a defined Sacral Center and undefined Solar Plexus.  Any other centers can be defined or undefined. Sacral Authority is designated only for Generators and Manifesting Generators.  If the Sacral Center is your Authority, you have a consistent barometer within you whether something is right for you or not.  The Sacral Center produces a feeling of excitement, curiosity, pulling towards when it’s saying “Yes”, or conversely a sense of retraction and closing when it’s saying, “No.”  A turned on Sacral provides the lasting energy all Generators need for mastery.  Forcing a Generator to work long hours on a project that does not engage their Sacral energy leads to burn out.  With Sacral authority, there is no waiting, you’ll know right away if your Sacral has energy for something and you simply can’t trick the Sacral into wanting what you think it should want.  Following your Sacral and saying “No” to things that do not energize you may seem selfish in the beginning but the Generator’s energy fuels the world!  A world full of energized Generators is a world full of life and magic, there is nothing selfish about listening to what energies you and in turn the entire world.

Splenic Authority combines a defined Spleen, with an undefined Solar Plexus & undefined Sacral center.  All other centers can be defined or undefined.  The Spleen is an awareness center and does not compute thoughts or experience emotions, it’s more closely compared to sight in that your eyes simply take in, attuned towards what’s going to bring well-being.  Dangerous vs. Safe, right vs. wrong, now vs not now.  The Spleen does not comment on what it’s aware of, it simply holds up a flag.  The Spleen speaks in an instantaneous awareness and clarity that cannot be rationalized nor revisited as it’s always on the move.  No matter of focus can bring the Spleen back to the knowing it had spontaneously as subtle energies are always shifting Splenic Authority requires a complete confidence and trust in our spontaneous awareness without needing further proof or understanding.

Self-Projected Authority combines a defined G//Identity Center and undefined Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root & Spleen centers.  Self-projected authority is all about communicating.  You speak from who you are, from your love and personal direction and can trust that what you say when you’re not using your mind is what is true for you.  Talk and hear what you have to say for guidance and direction.  Hearing what you say, is different from noticing what you’re thinking, the words that come out of your mouth are specific, listen to them to know what your true north needs. 

Ego-Projected Authority happens only for Projectors with a defined Ego and a defined G / Identity connected only via the channel of Initiation (25-51)  This Authority is very rare.  It’s possible to have either just the G and Ego connected in this way or also the Ajna, Head and/or Throat also defined (though not connected to the G (if the throat connects to the G, this configuration becomes a Manifestor) Ego-Projected Authority is designed to decide what it wants specifically for itself, what are it’s unique desires for it’s life?  

Ego-Manifested Authority happens only for Manifestors with a defined Ego connected to their Defined Throat. The G//Identity,  Mind & Ajna can also be defined in any fashion though the Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen and Root are all undefined.   Similar to the Self-projected authority, Ego-Manifested speaks it’s desires and hears what it really wants  from it’s heart’s to throat connection. 

Environment / Soundboard Authority means you are a mental projector with At least the Ajna and Throat defined.  The head can also be defined but everything below the throat is undefined.  This makes for at least 5 centers undefined, all within the main body.  This kind of design pulls information from the outside and then learns how it feels about things based on what it says.  For Soundboard Authority, talk it out with others without asking for their advice.  It’s not about what they say, it’s about hearing what YOU have to say.  The mind will try to make decisions, and it can be surprising and enlightening to hear what comes out of your own mouth as you’re puling in all kinds of unexpected things from your body. 

Lunar Authority is reserved only for Reflectors who’s Strategy is to sample their experiences over a 28 day lunar cycle.  Lunar Authority is deeply connected to the phases of the moon, and experiences the shifting lunar energy in their chart differently throughout the month.  Reflectors have access to monthly moon transit charts and can become aware of how they are experiencing the different energies and what decisions fit into their overall monthly experience.

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