Basics #1 – What are the Centers all about?

Head Center

The very top center is where raw, unfiltered inspiration enters the human mind.  The gates of the HEAD CENTER are interested in knowing the unknowable, the truth, the answers to the big questions, what is life, how does this thing work, pulling in the big unformed thoughts to ponder.

Ajna Center

The second center just beneath the HEAD is where those thoughts go to become actual concepts.  Solidified opinions, ideas and revelations that are communicable.  After all, these thoughts have little impact on the world if they aren’t able to be passed on in a way that others can understand.  If the Head is like the mouth that takes in food in it’s complex, raw form, the Ajna is like the stomach that breaks it down into digestible pieces to find out exactly what nutritious value is in it before passing it on to the body for assimilation.

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