2. Strategy

Strategy refers to the plan of attack each energy Type uses to interact energetically with the outside world.  The default strategy most of us use is a combination of rationalizing, using logic and predicting outcomes with our mind based on what we think we should do and what others tell us we should do.  Strategy in Human Design brings our decision-making process back into the body where we can make aligned decisions.  Your Strategy is derived from your Type, there are 4 possibilities:

INFORM  & INITIATE (Manifestors)

Manifestors are incredibly powerful beings who are designed to bring new things into reality very quickly, hence the name Manifestors.  Human nature tends to push back against change especially when it feels sudden, and has a difficult time letting another person impact them when they don’t want to be impacted.  It can be very difficult for others to allow the Manifestor the freedom to pursue their visions unobstructed much less support them if they feel their own interests and needs are being overlooked.  Often times simply being on the inside of a Manifestor’s plans is enough. 

Manifestor’s inform the outside world before taking action to alleviate resistance.  The Manifestor needs to find it’s tribe, the people who are willing to help them on their path.  It’s a large part of the Manifestor’s deconditioning process to release people who are not correct for them instead of trying to adjust their vision or contort themselves to gain favor from anyone.  Manifestors are not meant to fit into society, but rather to find like-minded individuals who are ready to change things up.  As much initiating power as a Manifestor has, they still need others to complete their visions where they leave off.  The Manifestor’s journey is realizing it’s place in society as a leader, director, designer who then passes the brunt work off to others who are on the same page, or groups of others to make the vision a reality.  This is not to say that all Manifestors need be CEO’s or impacting the world at large, but that they maintain a sense of freedom to act in all areas of their lives.  

RESPOND (Generators / Man Gens)

Generators & Manifesting Generators use their Sacral Response to guide their choices.  It takes time to re-acquaint yourself with your individual Sacral Response if you’ve spent a lifetime ignoring or repressing what you really want.  Unfortunately this is how most of us Generators have been raised to exist.  Even the most supportive and well-intentioned parents, friends, and social influences can leave the Generator believing that what they are pulled towards isn’t necessarily practical, reasonable or attainable.

The Sacral Chakra resides in the gut area of the body and relates to the sex organs.  It’s holds our passion and life-creating, sustainable energy.  When the Sacral center is “turned on” by what it’s doing in life the energy flows in a powerful, sustainable way.  When the Sacral is unimpressed and uninterested, it’s simply the most dreadful, contrived and unfulfilling experience for the Generator.  The biggest lesson for a Generator to learn is that doing things other people want that do not engage their Sacral is really of no service to anyone at all.  Even Generators with their steady flow of energy can face burn out when they’re engaged in unsatisfying activities that don’t activate their Sacral life force. 

Genearators cannot be everything to everyone and when we accept the missions that engage our Sacral and decline the ones that don’t, we step further into our own true path.  The Generator’s aura magnetically pulls things into itself constantly.  When the Generator wants something, it starts to see those things in the world and feels the match.  It’s the chicken or the egg analogy here as the Generator is always pulling things in, and being shown new things to feel out.  When respecting the wishes of their Sacral, Generators become aligned with satisfying, energizing work that lifts up everyone around them. 

A satisfied Generator benefits everyone!


Projectors prepare themselves while they’re waiting for recognition and invitations from others.  Without Manifesting energy to initiate, and without Generator energy to attract things in, Projectors are best suited to wait for recognition from the other but waiting does not mean doing nothing.  After recognizing in themselves what comes uniquely naturally to them, Projectors hone their craft until the right opportunity comes to them. 

Recognition can vary and it’s the Projector’s path to learn what that looks like for them.  Here are a few examples of waiting for an invitation vs. initiating: A specific company publishes a help-wanted ad for a job you are qualified for to which you submit yourself versus dropping your resume and cold-calling every business in your industry.  A person at a bar smiles at you and repeatedly makes eye-contact so you chat with them versus seeing an attractive person and going up to them without waiting for a gesture of interest.  A friend suggests you to their boss because they think you’d be right for a job versus you asking your friend if their are openings at their job.     

In order to receive invitations, you have to be seen doing the thing you want to be invited for.  Waiting for the invitation can sound like a whole lot of sitting around, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Nobody will recognize and invite you for what you’re good at if they have no idea you’re good at it!

Projectors work smarter, not harder, and prioritize their natural skills and things they enjoy rather than forcing a square peg into a round hole.


The moon makes a reliable and consistent journey through all 64 gates every month.  Strategy for every type points us towards the most reliable source of wisdom in each individual human body.  The Reflector’s Strategy is deeply connected to the moon because it’s the most consistent way to experience the entire range of how their chart will change throughout the month.  The Reflector’s strategy is to wait an entire lunar cycle before making big decisions.   Evaluating a month of interactions while considering your life-changing choices is the only way a Reflector can know how they really feel about it.  Yes, it takes time, but have faith that the shifts that are meant for you will be there when you’re ready, and that because you are designed this way, patience will inevitably be a benefit in your life rather than a hindrance. 

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