1. Type

Type is one of the main elements of Human Design to explore first. It refers to the circuitry in your design, specifically depending on if your Sacral center is defined vs. undefined, and if any of the motorized centers are connected to your Throat center.  Motor to Throat connection is the fastest way to manifest into the world but fear not, you can have any of Type configuration and be great at manifesting. The most ease-filled way to accomplish that however will be different for each type. There are 4 possibilities:

MANIFESTORS are a small portion of the population and are often the most coveted upon learning there is such a thing.  With no Sacral definition, but at least one motorized center connected to their Throat, Manifestors are designed to be the powerful force needed to burst through outdated ceilings, ideas and ways of doing things whether in an entrepreneurial setting or in their daily lives.  The Manifestor’s power is in initiating but it is not designed to sustain such heightened output for extended periods of time like the Generator Type.  The Manifestor needs other people along their journey to fill those shoes, but the first step in their process is learning how to get others to willingly step aside so they can create without resistance.

Manifestors are incredibly powerful and as such beings they can unintentionally create havoc around themselves when they ignore or are unaware of how their actions impact others.  A Manifestor in their flow, initiating changes when they feel the urge without battling outside resistance feels absolute PEACE in their body, (the holy grail!)  The Manifestor’s strategy to ease such resistance is to inform before initiating.

Even the smallest things a Manifestor does can seem sudden and unexpected to the non-Manifestors around them which leaves the other feeling resentful, left out of the process or even trampled.  Resentful people are less inclined to help the Manifestor’s cause and might even go out of their way to sabotage or control their power – a deeply infuriating situation for a Manifestor.  Informing sounds simple, and maybe even annoying to a Manifestor, but it’s actually an incredibly efficient way to create the space a powerful Manifestor needs to work their magic. 

On the surface, being a Manifestor is so coveted because of their power, but in order to access this power in a way that keeps their relationships strong, Manifestors must learn to set strong, loving boundaries and avoid people-pleasing at all cost.

GENERATORS & MANIFESTING GENERATORS all have a defined Sacral center which is their source of sustained physical energy and their guide. Pure Generators do not have a motorized center connected to their Throat center whereas Manifesting Generators DO which accounts for a few differences in their process.  Both kinds of Generators have an aura that pulls opportunities and experiences towards them without going out of their way to find them.   Where the Manifestor is conditioned to think it needs to work long hours like a Generator, Generators are conditioned to initiate like Manifestors.  Not needing to go out and make things happen is probably the hardest habit for Generators to break.

As a Pure Generator you might be thinking, “I’ve gone out and made things happen before and it worked out fine.” Yes, it’s totally possible to find success along the battle of pushing your way through life, but what does it matter if it’s not your path? There is very often discord in the Generator about what their mind says they should be doing with their energy and what their Sacral is really all about. Generators with their Sacral energy are designed to find deep satisfaction from mastering things in their life – which means putting in their 10,000 hours.  Following our mind into situations has led many’a Generator into a burnt out, unfulfilled but “successful” life.  This path of letting things come to them will redefine what the Generator truly values and what they consider to be a successful and satisfying life.

Generators co-create with the energetics of the other when they let the outside world show them the details, the who-what-when-where in a real situation rather than forcing their own timing and agenda. Upon receiving outside stimuli they listen for their Sacral Response to decide if the path is right for them. A Sacral YES can range from feeling like curiosity to downright bliss while a Sacral NO typically feels like retraction, a sense of wanting to pull away or disengage.  As a Generator, your task is to learn the uniqueness of your own Sacral Response, as everyone will feel it differently.  Surrendering in this way moves mountains for you and all it requires is patience and trust that you don’t have to initiate the process, and that the Sacral can guide the body to a more satisfying life than the mind can. 

Manifesting Generators have both a defined Sacral and a motor to Throat connection which allows them more speed in their process and partial initiating power. Manifesting Generators still let the world come to them, but the distance between listening for their Sacral’s response and taking action is greatly shortened.  Manifesting Generators can run laps around other people and it can be very helpful to also use the Manifestor’s strategy to inform along the way to ease resistance. 

Generators and Manifesting Generators will oscillate mainly between feelings of frustration and satisfaction. You can’t get rid of frustration entirely, but it can be used as a guide towards a more satisfying life. When Generators are tapped into their Sacral response they have an abundance of energy that is downright admirable and is designed to sustain them for extended periods of time in order to complete and master their task.

PROJECTORS make up 1/5 the population though that’s predicted to increase over time. Projectors do not have Sacral definition nor do they have a motor connected to their throat.  Considering both these energetic elements, Projectors are not designed to for the long, tedious hours needed to build a masterpiece, nor are they designed to initiate powerful change that requires immense outputs of energy.  Projectors can range from having a lot of energy to sometimes much less, and thrive when they honor what’s happening in their bodies instead of forcing energetic output.  Where Projectors really thrive is in how they are able to use their attention and peering into the other. They see so deeply and clearly that they become fabulous at directing energy. If you ever have a question about what type of job or relationship you’d be best suited in, spend some time picking a Projector’s brain. They simply see you better than even you might. That’s not to say that they will always know what’s right for you, but you can count on them to have insight you might have otherwise missed. 

Projectors thrive on recognition: real, deep, honest recognition for the wisdom and talents they provide. They do not have sustained Sacral energy or the fast track of getting their manifestations out like a Manifestor and instead rely on their gifts being pulled out of them by others. In order for this energetic exchange to take place, Projectors must spend dedicated time working their craft, building their offerings, acting like they’re already working for pay. Whatever it takes to be ready when the correct call comes, and in a steady, graceful ebb and flow with their energy levels.

Often times Projectors, like all the types, don’t wait for the right timing, decide they know better or become impatient and try to force their agenda. Projectors who are not waiting for the correct invitation can be quite generous with their time and resources, but deeply unfulfilled and bitter when what they give is under-appreciated. Unfortunately, when the other isn’t asking for what the Projector has to offer, there’s really no other place for them to end up. 

Projectors can have a lot of physical energy or not so much, and it’s part of their de-conditioning process to realize that what comes easily to them is incredibly valuable and not in the typical ways society would suggest. Putting in physical work, like being on their feet all day is often times very depleting and unsatisfying for Projectors. I certainly wouldn’t say always, but it’s part of the Projector’s path to come to terms with the amount of physical energy available to them and to work with their natural talents instead of burning the candle at both ends.

REFLECTORS make up just 1 percent of the population and serve a very important purpose. Reflectors do not have Sacral energy nor a motor to Throat connection, but what’s of more importance is that they have NO centers defined at all. In an undefined center there is no container and so we experience a wider, deeper and quite intense amount of fluctuating energy. Very little in the Reflector’s design is consistent, their gates remain the same but the strength of another’s defined center can easily muddle the voice of those gates when in the same room.

Reflector’s need plenty of time alone to dispel the energy they pick up from their community and to re-center themselves in their own aura. It can be a very confusing journey, but a Reflector who allows themselves to be fluid depending on their surroundings is an invaluable asset. Reflectors are mirrors. When you see something you admire about them, you’re recognizing something in yourself you like. Conversely if something about the Reflector triggers you, it’s a clear sign that you have not yet made peace with a part of yourself. 

In our open centers it’s easy to identify with energy from another person as if it were your own (for better or worse). In fact it can be downright impossible to tell in the moment if an energy is coming from you or if you’re mirroring it from someone else, which is why we are so influenced by the defined centers around us where we are undefined. This is true for any undefined centers but especially important for the Reflector who has all undefined centers. Reflectors need to be picky about the friends they keep, the environment they exist in and create solid boundaries for themselves. The saying, “You are the summation of your closest friends,” is especially poignant for Reflectors. 

Often times Reflectors are very sensitive in many ways, whether it be as an emotional empath, a medium or by having a sensitive physical body. Because of their sensitivity they are incredibly gifted at reading the other, but also require plenty of self-care, time alone and flexibility. They are vital parts of society, especially if they can learn to harness and protect their gifts. 

Reflectors oscillate between disappointment and surprise depending on how unattached they are to outcomes and how willing they are to be joyfully surprised by what comes out of themselves in different situations. A Reflector living their best life is an enlightening example of how to detach from the limiting sense of identity that most of humanity clings to, breaking down barriers to create a more unified consciousness.

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